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DEMO 2: Bolton Group (Manetti & Roberts), Calenzano plant (Florence, Italy)

Bolton Calenzano plant produces and commercializes high quality personal care products. Activities in the Calenzano plant involve the production and packaging of both liquid (e.g., soaps) and gaseous (e.g., deodorants) personal-care items. Products from more than 8 well-established brands are produced and packaged in the plant. The production plant is located near both the highway and the railway, and is close to other industrial installations, as well as residential areas.
Production operations mainly involve the mixing of ingredients according to different formulas and their packaging in different formats. Operations involving hazardous substances involve the mixing of alcoholic-based products and their packaging in spray bottles which are pressurized using LPG (Liquefied petroleum gases, which is a mixture of butane and propane). In the following, a summary of the main hazardous substances stored and/or processed and their authorized maximum quantities is reported:

  • LPG (47 ton)
  • Ethanol, essential oils and other alcohol-bases substances, e.g., perfumes (53 tons)
  • Finished products containing LPG as a propellant, which are stored in the depot for distribution (280 ton)

Analyzing this facility as DEMO SITE offer several advantages for the sake of demonstration of the LIFE SECURDOMINO tool, related methods and to demonstrate the scalability and flexibility. Firstly, the facility has not only a considerable storage of raw materials, but also a sizable depot of finished products containing hazardous substances. Moreover, the facility is located in a strategic spot, which combines public infrastructures as well as other industrial complexes.