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The SECURDOMINO project is Networking with other LIFE and non-LIFE projects such as:


LIFE SecurDomino project and Intrepid Project are collaborating.

Both projects are cofinanced by EU and working on tools for real time disaster assessment and emergency management.
Securdomino tool predicts integrated safety-security hazards and risks and related domino effects, for the prevention of disasters; whereas the INTREPID system assess and monitors disaster areas, to minimise disaster effects, making rescue operations safer, faster and more efficient.

Thanks to the networking actions, the two projects are exchanging experiences on tool design, aiming at increasing the prediction capacities of the tools.

LIFE SECURDOMINO participated in the third and last pilot test of the INTREPID platform, which took place in Madrid, in September 2023. The test included a major explosion occurred in an hospital, provoking fire and structural damages to the building. Several unconscious persons were reported throughout the area, raising suspicion of additional chemical contamination.

Also, LIFE SECURDOMINO will take part in the final event of the INTREPID project in October 2023.


LIFE SECURDOMINO and LIFE AUGIA are collaborating for the development of safe and secure technologies.

Both projects are cofinanced by EU in the framework of the LIFE programme and both aim at developing strategies for the sustainable development. More specifically, SECURDOMINO focuses on safety aspects of industrial facilities and supported the partners of AUGIA in verifying safety aspects associated with the potential hazards related to syngas. The synergy among the two projects enabled for testing the models and barriers for safety/security assessment available in the open web repository developed by SECURDOMINO partners and, at the same time, to effectively develop the safe design of AUGIA gasifier.