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Tool development

Integrated safety/security assessment of hazard and risks and related domino effects in Seveso sites

The tool consists of: a) plant inspection by aerial photogrammetry drone; b) 3D reconstruction of the plant on a graphic interface; c) association of real-time data (process conditions, maintenance status, alarms, etc.) and documentation (certificates, permit to work…) to each mapped element; d) evaluation of probabilities and consequences of accidents, given real time and/or user input data (meteorological conditions, type of rupture, etc.); e) hazard-risk assessment and visualization of possible dominos following safety/security events; f) real-time mapping of barriers and their performance supporting emergency response.

Tool parallel testing in 3 industrial DEMO sites

DEMO1 (Costieri D’Alesio): oil storage terminal located in Livorno harbor area, Tuscany, IT. DISCOVER >
DEMO2 (Bolton Group (Manetti & Roberts): production and packaging of both liquid and gaseous personal-care items located in Calenzano (Florence province), Italy. DISCOVER >
DEMO3 (Wilhelmsen Ships Service): indoors storage of hazardous and non-hazardous goods and outdoors cylinder handling, Rotterdam harbour area, The Netherlands. DISCOVER >
The DEMOs feature different capacity, materials, locations, thus they enable picturing all possible applications of the tool in different EU-MS, deriving information for the implementation of Seveso and Environmental Protection Directives.

Improvement of the safety-security aspects

DEMO sites vulnerability and risk will be reduced trough the tool application improving the safety-security status

• Reduce pollution and GHG emissions due to major accidents of 40%
• Reduce the vulnerability and risks in the DEMO sites of average 40% (5% and 4.3 fat/ 1000 y) based on preliminary vulnerability and security risk estimation (expressed in PLL – potential life loss)



The tool will allow for the reduction of time and staff effort for planning plant inspections and monitoring safety-security barriers.


The project will allow to raise awareness of regulators, competent authorities, industrial managers and consultants on prevention and mitigation of domino effects by external acts of interference and to integrate safety-security aspects in plant management.


The project will lay the foundations for replicating the system in the 53 Seveso sites in Tuscany (IT) and 185 sites in North Brabant and South Holland (NL). Potential reduction of pollution (12 t/y) and GHG (900 t/y) 5 years after the project.


The project will be also aimed at extending the tool to other non-Seveso sites, such as manufacturing, food processing, water treatment plants, etc.