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Introducing DEMO 1: Costieri D’Alesio Spa

Costieri D’Alesio S.p.A. is a petroleum depot dedicated to storage and handling of petroleum and petrochemical products.
Additional activities performed in the site are:
– blending of fuel oil with diesel, for bunker supply;
– bio-blending, for automotive fuel;
– in line diesel oils denaturation for specific purposes (navigation, heating and agricultural diesel).

Transfer operations are carried out receiving petroleum products from ships, road tankers or pipelines. The stored products are transferred via interconnection pipeline to a specific storage section (named “National depot”) or loaded, with the exception of gasoline, on road tankers and / or barges. The activity of Costieri D’Alesio is classified as “of public utility” as it is intended supplying both civil and industrial energy markets. Among its activities, Costieri D’Alesio distributes products on behalf of major petrochemical companies operating in Italy and supplies jet fuel to Firenze and Pisa airports. The facility is subject to periodic checks by the maritime authority as it is located in the industrial harbour area. The total surface of the facility is about 9 ha and is surrounded by an industrial context of 100 ha, with scarcity of residential areas. Costieri D’Alesio has a storage capacity of around 185.000 m3 and the main product stored and handled are:

  • Gasoline
  • Gasoil
  • Fuel oil
  • Jet A1
  • Biodiesel
  • Lube Oil Bases

Analyzing this facility as DEMO SITE offer several advantages for the sake of demonstration of the LIFE SECURDOMINO tool, related methods and to demonstrate the scalability and flexibility. Firstly, the facility has similar the features to the Buncefield oil storage depot, which experienced the well-known catastrophic explosion in 2005. This enables the picturing of the potential social, environmental, and economic impact of domino effects escalation in the plant. Moreover, the dispersion in the environment of the aforementioned material may produce relevant environmental impact, especially for marine species, given the location of the facility in a harbor area.