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Action B2 – Deliverable D17

The LIFE SECURDOMINO tool exploits consolidated literature models for vulnerability and risk assessment, implementing specific performance data for safety/security barriers.

The open web repository of models and barriers data is divided in the following sections:

  • Models/procedures for the calculation of site-specific security threat
  • Equipment fragility models for the calculation of equipment damage probability
  • Post-release event-trees
  • Models for the calculation of the consequences of the release of hazardous substances
  • Models for vulnerability, risk and indicators evaluation
  • Models for the assessment of domino effect
  • Safety-security barriers performance data

Click on the button and access the pdf containing the open web repository with links to the technical documentation for each section.

The pdf is updated progressively; please periodically visit this page to make sure you always have the updated version.

Updating and sharing of other models and barriers performance data will be possible for the users of the LIFE SECURDOMINO tool. If you have suggestions/comments, please send an e-mail to the Project Coordinator: